Our Facilities

Two premium recording, mixing, and mastering facilities located minutes away from Colombo
Our knowledge, experience and creativity give clients the confidence they need to trust that their production is in our capable hands.
With an extensive sound effects library, an array of plug-ins, virtual instruments and a notable selection of production library music, Sound Asia has the capacity and capabilities to enhance your most demanding audio post & music production needs through sound design, audio editing & mixing, music composition & arrangement and voice-over production.
Audio Post-Production
  • Audio Post-Production
  • On-Air Promos & Trailers
  • TV & Radio Commercials
  • 5.1 Surround Mix
  • Dolby E Encoding & Decoding
  • ADR
  • Audio Restoration & Clean-Up
Sound Design
  • Network Channel IDs
  • On-Air Promotions
  • Television & Radio Commercials
  • Documentaries & TV Programs
  • Feature Films
  • Animation Series
  • Game Audio
  • Original Music Composition
  • Music Arrangement
  • Vocal Tracking
  • Overdubbing of Instruments
  • Score to Picture
  • Jingle Production
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Documentaries & Animation Series
  • Audio Books & E-learning
  • Corporate & Training Videos
  • IVR (Telephone Message-On-Hold)
  • P.A. Message
  • Skype Supervision VO Session
  • Source Connect for Remote Recording

Recording Gear

Our dedication to growth has helped us expand our knowledge of sound and its potential. In turn his has allowed us to make our studio environment is a Reflection Free Zone (RFZ) that rivals the best in the world.
Committed to adhering to stringent international industry standards across the board, we are proud to be the first studio in the country to standardize the use of a grand piano. Our studio also comes equipped with state-of-the-art sound design, music production tools and instruments.

Sound Asia Studio A

Studio A at Sound Asia Studios is the first of it’s kind on the island of Sri Lanka. Purpose built from the ground up with the sole intention of providing an amazing, acoustically treated space, for all forms of music production and/or post production, to produce truly ground breaking results.

Our Pro tools HDX system allows for the recording of up to 24 tracks simultaneously. Our range of world-class microphones and pre amps will ensure that your sound will have all of the clarity, detail and colour needed to produce a top notch final product. We are a dedicated team of highly skilled artists, composers and engineers, ready to tackle any project with passion and vigour. Give us a call and let’s work together to create something special.

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Sound Asia Studio B

Studio B at Sound Asia Studios is a smaller, more intimate studio, heavily utilized by some of Sri Lanka’s best global advertising agencies, as well as a host of other clients.

Like Studio A, it features a contemporary acoustically treated space with up-to-date professional recording and production equipment. Beautifully designed, Studio B has an ambient, relaxing atmosphere which aids in the creative process and provides a comfortable working environment. The comfortable isolation booth often plays host to feature film and television actors, syndicated radio shows and talented vocalists of all genres. Studio B is especially well-suited for mixing, mastering, and recording vocals. The studio is also outfitted with ISDN, source-connect and phone patch technology.

We offer:

  • Voice recording/ADR to picture
  • Advertising Jingle composition
  • Telephone IVR
  • Stereo audio mixing
  • Sound design
  • Music recording and composition
  • Audio book production
  • Radio production
  • TVC dubbing
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Sound Asia Institute

We offer pure consultancy; we listen to your design concerns, design needs, soundproofing and noise considerations. Our consultants will also provide drawings, specs, and solutions to combat the issues you are facing.